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This package calculates the masses, center of mass positions, and inertia tensors that correspond to the human inertia model developed by Yeadon [1]. The package allows for the input of both measurements from human subjects and configuration variables (joint angles) with which one can orient the model. Additionally, the package allows for 3D visualization of the model using the package.

One possible use of the package is to incorporate the inertial properties of an actual human into a rigid body dynamics model that contains a human. Then, the model containing the human can be compared to experiments performed with the same human.

This package was developed during the Summer of 2011 at the University of California, Davis, to aid with the bicycle research of Jason Moore and Dale Luke Peterson in the Sports Biomechanics Lab of Professor Mont Hubbard. Jason Moore had a multibody dynamics model of a human riding a bicycle, and performed experiments with humans riding a bicycle. To compare his model to his experiments, he needed the inertial properties of the human riding the bicycle. That’s what this package was able to provide him [2]. Learn more about the Sports Biomechanics Lab at biosport.ucdavis.edu.

Here is a video that introduces the basics of this package: http://youtu.be/o-5Ss6YLY0I.


The README.rst file in the source distribution of this packge contains installation instructions.

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[1] M. R. Yeadon, 1990. The Simulation of Aerial Movement-ii. Mathematical Inertia Model of the Human Body. Journal of Biomechanics, 23:67-74.

[2] J. Moore, 2012. Human Control of a Bicycle. University of California, Davis.